Innovation & Fashion


Since 1986, we’ve sought to create avant-garde designs that were both cutting edge and wearable. While there are other designer jeans in the marketplace, few are truly as original as Rayar Jeans.

Our patented, exclusive design adds a modern twist to your traditional denim. Sturdy, malleable chains decorate distressed patches, ensuring you a uniquely fashion forward look.

With machine washable, bendable chains in silver, gold, and platinum, our trained technicians develop a beautifully handmade piece that comes alive as you wear it.

Rayar Jeans are more than fashion. They’re an experience.


RayarJeans allows you to be creative to truly own a patent protected yet rare piece.
— Saphrona Nicole


 Precison is everything to us. From the stretch of the material, to the size and color of the chains, even the strings that are left uncut are all taken in to account. Every single element must congregate in harmony. Rayar has made this process an art at choosing the right combinations to present you with a perfect garment.


Quality is first priority in everything, but essential in our denim which is the foundation. We then hand distress our jeans in accordance to your preference. By selecting the distressed locations, you are imprinting more of your own individuality to your jeans. We offer three different cut locations as options.

  • Our Thigh & Thigh option consist of 2 beautifully distressed holes across both thighs. The most popular option of the three and the most luxurious due to the amount of chains used. Normally between 8 to 12 depending on the jeans size.

  • Our Thigh & Knee option displays an asymmetrical placement of the holes. By distressing 1 whole at the thigh and then the opposite knee we create a very eye pleasing design. An illusion you can only experience with us.

  • Our Knee & Knee option and a personal favorite, consist of 2 perfectly cut wholes across both knees. Strategically distressed to prevent rips after repeated stretch, but the chains versatility is whats unique. This design displays 1 look when sitting and a completely different look when standing.

Rayar Chains

Our identity lies within our chains. The arrangement of the chains are where the details are. We choose from a large variety chains and then selecting based on the denim's wash and color. Never fading or rusting our chains are all hand selected for durabilty and luxury in style.


Rayar Service


You are the most important to us. RayarJeans was first developed to give the fashionable individual more options and you chose us. To show our appreciation we push ourselves to present our customers with a high quality product in a timely manner. Ordered the wrong size? Not a problem we accept exchanges for such issues up to 48 hours after receiving your box. Due to the time, effort and limited resources refunds aren't possible. Any information taken by us is private & protected and will only be used for your single transaction. Please email us for any additional questions you may have. You can contact us at or press the white envelope icon below.